Children learn in different ways, at Wilson-Kindelan we engage each child and tailor their education allowing them to become their best selves. 

The Wilson-Kindelan Method evolved from Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner's theory states that intelligence cannot be measured by simple tests, instead the richness of intelligence can be found in the many strengths that we as humans possess . The Wilson-Kindelan Method takes theory and makes it applicable to the classroom milieu. Below is a brief description of the six modalities addressed through the Wilson-Kindelan Method


Cognitive Development

Cognitive development begins with a sensitivity to written and oral language, an ability to recognize patterns and order,  and an understanding of logical and scientific problems. As a student gains proficiency he is able to synthesize, critique, evaluate and analyze linguistic, mathematical and technical issues and eventually create deeper knowledge.


Emotional Development

Emotional development refers to the nurturing and opening of a child's understanding and delight in exploring happiness and joy. In the classroom context this is seen as a capacity to understand oneself allowing for self-regulation and self-awareness.


Interpersonal Development

Interpersonal development refers to the child's ability to understand and form relationships with others. The ability to empathize, listen, lead and participate in group activities is an essential part of this modality.


Physiological Development

Physiological development is the active awareness of and care of everything concerning the body.  Mindfulness, free play, yoga and kinesthetics form a major part of this modality.


Aesthetic Development

Aesthetic development is the embracing and full participation in the arts, from singing to drawing to dancing to playing instruments; all are central to developing a strong sense of beauty and the sublime.  


Spiritual Development

Children have a natural inquisitiveness and wonder of the world and that which is beyond it. Spiritual development refers to the openness and joy with which children view grace and the divineAt Wilson-Kindelan, we believe that all children are graced with a sense of the divine and can access that wisdom through meditation and reflection.