Our First Post!!! December 2, 2014

Well, we are well on our way to launching. We are looking at a Fall 2016 opening date. as of today we have done the following:

1. Checked out Charter schools in the Boston area

2. Spoken with a representative of the Charter School Support Organization

3. Read an onerous amount of information about said charter schools, AND

4. Decided NOT to start a charter school!

5. Started researching tuition-free and low tuition independent schools in Boston and Providence

6. Written up a set of "Articles of Incorporation" to file with the state

7. Chose and invited a super Board of Directors

8. Met with the president of the Town Council of Randolph

9. Started the introductions with local churches

10. Agreed to meet with the head of the Randolph Chamber of Commerce in January

11. Started developing this website (you will see that there are still some placeholder items)

I am overwhelmed with the absolutely positive response i have received so far. It almost seems as if this was meant to be. I look forward to sharing more with you including some of the history of the school and some of the ideas that gelled into the school ideology. 

Regards, Veronica Guerrero-Macia, Founder