In September 2014, I decided to finally start building a school for low-income and minority children in the South Shore (Boston, Massachusetts) area. I have been concerned with the precipitous downward slide in educational attainment in certain towns south of Boston during the last 10 years, (as measured by MCAS scores and college admissions rates), and decided that a school focussed on high educational attainment and a holistic approach would go far in ameliorating this situation. I had developed a method of teaching that approached each child as a global, unique entity. I named the approach the Whole Child Method, and I look forward to utilizing it in the classroom milieu. 

I realized I could not do this alone and so I asked four extraordinary citizens to join me as Board Members to kickstart this school. Ray Czwakiel is our legal genius, Paula Bennett brings extensive knowledge of public health, Richard McCampbell brings expertise in town relations and engineering, and Paul Buta has served on several non-profit boards. I feel privileged and honored that they have consented to work with me on this venture. We have filed Articles of Incorporation with the state of Massachusetts, and will soon be the proud possessors of a 501(c)(3). 

Perhaps, at this point, a bit of biographical data might be helpful. My name is Veronica Guerrero-Macia, and I have worked professionally in the field of education, research and advocacy for minority and economically disadvantaged groups since 1985. I have taught Honors and Education at the Graduate and Undergraduate level for the last 20 years, before that I was a researcher with the NIMH/University of Massachusetts Medical Center studying the impact of homelessness on the social, emotional, academic and physical health of women and children. In late 1980s I was a bilingual teacher in South Central Los Angeles.  After graduating from Villanova University in 1985 I served as a Jesuit Volunteer with migrant workers in the Central Valley of California. Along the way from Fresno, California to Boston, Massachusetts I picked up degrees in Bilingual Education (California State University, Dominguez Hills), Educational Administration (M.A. University of California, Berkeley), and Educational Policy and Research (M.Ed., ABD Harvard University).

I look forward to a fruitful relationship with towns in the South Shore area, and hope you will consider helping us build our school.