Q. What is the Tuition?

A. The Wilson-Kindelan School is TUITION-FREE for families who meet Federal Income Guidelines.* Families who do not qualify under those guidelines will be offered a generous scholarship based on family income (Most families pay between $4,000-$10,000). A nominal materials fee is required for all students.

Q. Where is the school located?

A. The Wilson-Kindelan School is conveniently located at 158 Blue Hills Parkway in the Parkway United Methodist Church in Milton, Massachusetts. It is within three blocks of the subway and major bus routes.

Q. What is the campus like?

A. The three acre campus includes a beautiful two classroom building with a children's chapel. Outside there is a dedicated playground, an Outdoor Classroom and an Edible Garden.

Q. What grades are offered?

A. We are accepting applications for Kindergarten and First Grade for the 2019-2020 school year. Classes are capped at 10-12 students. Each year, students will be admitted to the lower grades, and to upper grades on an as-needed basis to maintain school enrollment population. 

Q. How will potential students be identified? 

A. Students are recruited from local preschools, Head Start and elementary schools.  Students are interviewed and assessed to assure a "best fit" with all members of the school community. 

Q. What about after school activities?

A. We envision a flexible afterschool enrichment program, based on family and student interest that may include coding, tutoring, chess, and/or a Robotics team. Afterschool will run from 3:00 until 5:30pm. There is an additional fee for afterschool enrichment.

Q. What about early drop off? 

A. Early drop off is available between 7:00 and 8:15am. There is an additional fee for early drop-off.

Q. What academics will be offered?

A. The Wilson-Kindelan School prides itself on using the most rigorous, best researched curriculum available. We use Open Court 2016, the newest iteration of the world renowned Open Court Reading & Language Arts program; Engineering is Elementary STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program; Everyday Mathematics from the University of Chicago; the Teaching Tolerance program developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center for Social Studies, and our Spanish curriculum is self-developed by two native speakers.

Q. Who will teach?

A. At the Wilson-Kindelan School students' learning is our primary focus. With this in mind we search for highly qualified Master Teachers and Teaching Fellows. We currently have a Master Teacher, a Teaching Fellow, a Health & P.E. Fellow and a Suzuki Music Fellow. Each year another Master Teacher will be added to the faculty, and every other year an additional Teaching Fellow will be added.

Q. You talk about "Aesthetics", what is that?

A. Aesthetics is Wilson-Kindelan lingo for the entire scope of the arts. We envision a whole school chorus and violin ensemble, as well as instruction to all students in voice and violin, utilizing the Suzuki method of instruction within the context of the El Sistema model of family and community participation. Visual Arts will be taught by our Visual Arts Fellow, and Drama will be explored through academics and the arts.

Q. You also talk about "Physiologics", what is that?

A. Physiologics refers to kinesthetic movement, healthy habits, and medical and dental fitness. The Wilson-Kindelan School achieves these virtues by having students engage in exercise, a daily yoga and meditation practice, health lessons and yearly vision, hearing, orthopedic and dental screenings provided, free of cost, to all students. 

Q. What is the mission of the Wilson-Kindelan School?

A. The Wilson-Kindelan School provides a college-focused, independent, elementary education using the Wilson-Kindelan Method. We are dedicated to expanding educational opportunities to students living in the Greater Boston area.

Q. Who started the school?

A. In December 2014 a small group of parents, business leaders and educators gathered to propose opening an independent elementary school serving a diverse student body focused on high individual attainment using a holistic, individualized teaching method developed by Veronica Guerrero-Macia. 

Q. How is the school funded?

A. The school was established through a generous anonymous endowment in December 2014, and received 501(c)3 non-profit status from the IRS in July 2015. The School is funded through a combination of grants, individual donations, fellowships, and tuition. The school actively seeks fellowships, grants and individual donations as well. All donations are greatly appreciated! The "Contact Us" button leads to a convenient link for on-line donations. 

*Guidelines change yearly. Please refer to Federal Income webpages for further information.