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I wanted to share a document I dictated to my phone March 2014; this set of beliefs was the genesis of the Wilson-Kindelan School...

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What I believe in private schools:


I believe every child should be treated uniquely


I believe every child can succeed


I believe children need a holistic approach


I believe all modalities of learning should be used


I believe if you capture the child early enough they will go very far


I believe parents should be deeply involved in their children's education


I believe testing should only be done for placement purposes


I believe in the goodness of every child


I believe children want to succeed


I believe good teachers happen through support more then through teacher education programs


I believe an intelligent person can learn how to teach very quickly


I believe a school with the spiritual and meditational component will help children focus and excel


I believe I can lead such an educational establishment


I believe through my education I have the knowledge, capacity, ability, and desire to run such a program.


I believe I can enlist JVC to help me with this program


I believe I can find grants for this program


I believe it is in my best interest to start this school


I believe it is in the best interest of the children in the Boston and southern metro area to start this program


I believe I can enlist the support of friends families and community organizations with which I am connected to financially back this proposition


I believe with spiritual support from my spiritual community I can succeed

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